BIG don’t

The services from are OK, I used them to buy domains, but I was just going over their Terms & Conditions regarding hosting services and I found this:

Art. 6.1.  Nu este permisa stocarea de fisiere de orice fel, filesharing, etc.

In english that means “Storing of any files is not allowed, filesharing and so on”. Ah well, last time I checked, websites are composed of files (web pages like: html, php, asp, css; images like: jpg, png, bmp) that are mandatory for the website to exist and function.

They basically deny you of the service they want you to buy from them – hosting.

The hosting prices are about the same compared to other hosting companies, but they don’t offer too much webspace, not that you would ever need it, according to the T&C 🙂

LATER EDIT: They fixed their mistake and clarified the terms in this regard.

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