General hosting tips

I have several rules that I use when I buy online, or even when I’m searching for information:

  1. The company name an location must be on the website, without it upfront, you’re just looking for trouble if you buy from them. Contact numbers don’t count 🙂 It’s not a rule for well known providers like Yahoo, Google (for email hosting – they don’t have web hosting), GoDaddy, OVH, and maibe others.
  2. Always read the T&C. I vouche for that! I bought 60 GB and found out that I can only use 20 GB and those divided into 4.8 GB of different types of files (stated in T&C).
  3. Don’t jump to the cheapest price. Reaserch why are they so cheap. You could hit the jackpot with an excelent company with a great price, or you can be “lucky” like me and get a starting company and after a few months your website will take more than 20 seconds to load.
  4. Try to get the hosting location as close as possible to your location and even better into a major internet datacenter and/or node (OVH – France, DE-CIX – Frankfurt, Germany – top speed of 3205,6 GB/s routed at the time of writing). It’s not mandatory, but you will have an incredible failproof connection for your server.

I hope this helps you in finding the right package that suits your needs.

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