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Kloxo on Centos

Kloxo is a server control panel, easy on resources and easy to use. You can install Kloxo on Centos 5.x and RHEL 5. The host must have 256 mb of ram and more than 2 gb free space. Installation is quite simple. 1. Install OS (Centos or RHEL) 2. Disable SElinux and reboot (for the […]

Configure Elastix with DigiOriunde

You need to have: – Account (noted here 771xxxxxx) and password with RDS’s Digi Oriunde, Elastix working server – connected to internet – if not behind nat, delete the nat=yes statemants Configuration steps: 0. Go to PBX page -> PBX Configuration 1. Setup a SIP Trunk – go to Trunks – Add SIP Trunk – […]