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Mikrotik filter multiple addreses

In order to filter out traffic coming from and/or going to multiple IP addresses you need to create an address list containing all IP’s you want to filter: Next step is to put the list to use: 1. Add a filter rule in your firewall: 2. On advanced select the Src. Address List 3. In […]

Kloxo on Centos

Kloxo is a server control panel, easy on resources and easy to use. You can install Kloxo on Centos 5.x and RHEL 5. The host must have 256 mb of ram and more than 2 gb free space. Installation is quite simple. 1. Install OS (Centos or RHEL) 2. Disable SElinux and reboot (for the […]

Mikrotik Dialup server

To create a dialup server on Mikrotik you need to follow this simple steps: 1. Disable console 2. Create PPP Server Default profile should work. You can leave Pap and Chap encryption ticked, but they are less secure. 3. Setup modem init string (first page from the PPP Server) I found mine to be ATM0&C1S0=2 […]

Mikrotik Quick Set

The Mikrotik has a really easy way of quickly get it running, Quick Set. In order to have the option, you must have at least one wireless interface, and 2 or more ethernet interfaces. First step is to connect to your router using Winbox: Login into the router by scanning for the router from the […]

Configure Elastix with DigiOriunde

You need to have: – Account (noted here 771xxxxxx) and password with RDS’s Digi Oriunde, Elastix working server – connected to internet – if not behind nat, delete the nat=yes statemants Configuration steps: 0. Go to PBX page -> PBX Configuration 1. Setup a SIP Trunk – go to Trunks – Add SIP Trunk – […]