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Mikrotik (Router OS)

Mikrotik is a company that designed a specialized router OS, mostly used on their hardware, but they have an x86 version also. The printscreen above is taken from an Routerboard RB400AH. ROS is really stable and quite easy to configure the basic functionality. One of the most important features is the wireless connectivity. It’s used […]


Mac OS is characterized for being completely graphical. The command line wasn’t present as an option when booting, at least not directly. The main architecture that Mac supports is PowerPC. Later versions started to support Intel’s architecture. The best “feature” about Macs’ is their legendary stability on prolonged usage. That’s quite easy to achieve especially […]

Windows 95

Windows 95 is the fundation of the “modern” Windows. It was based on the old MS-DOS 6.22, that was on 16 bit, but had his own 32 bit drivers and, the first from Microsoft, it included drivers for several hardware platforms that were used by the major computer manufacturers. It still didn’t recognized alot of […]


Formerly known as Red Had, it is now the community maintained distribution of the Red Hat distribution. Fedora uses KDE desktop as default. It is not very stable to be used as a server, last time I checked.


Ubuntu is a version of Linux based on the rock-solid Debian. It comes in three versions: Desktop, Server and Netbook. The Desktop and Server version have two version each 32 bit and 64 bit. Ubuntu has also two alternative versions: Edubuntu and Kubuntu. Ubuntu Desktop is, in my oppinion the best Linux distribution ever produced. […]