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First of all… what’t the name of the company and the legal grounds that it function (eg: LTD, LLC): what did you verified and sealed on that website? On contact us page they have: Corporate Office 2880 Zanker Rd #203 San Jose, California, 95134 And on about page they say: Our Data Center To […]

General hosting tips

I have several rules that I use when I buy online, or even when I’m searching for information: The company name an location must be on the website, without it upfront, you’re just looking for trouble if you buy from them. Contact numbers don’t count 🙂 It’s not a rule for well known providers like […] BIG don’t

The services from are OK, I used them to buy domains, but I was just going over their Terms & Conditions regarding hosting services and I found this: Art. 6.1.  Nu este permisa stocarea de fisiere de orice fel, filesharing, etc. In english that means “Storing of any files is not allowed, filesharing and […]