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One page website!

Take a look at this page, as an example. Does it seems legit to you? If so … go seeĀ  a shrink. I someone didn’t took his time to setup a properly organized website, he will not take his time to help you do something, except sell your email, take your money and tell you […]

Mikrotik Quick Set

The Mikrotik has a really easy way of quickly get it running, Quick Set. In order to have the option, you must have at least one wireless interface, and 2 or more ethernet interfaces. First step is to connect to your router using Winbox: Login into the router by scanning for the router from the […]

Configure Elastix with DigiOriunde

You need to have: – Account (noted here 771xxxxxx) and password with RDS’s Digi Oriunde, Elastix working server – connected to internet – if not behind nat, delete the nat=yes statemants Configuration steps: 0. Go to PBX page -> PBX Configuration 1. Setup a SIP Trunk – go to Trunks – Add SIP Trunk – […]

Free Hosting

Hey guys/gals I’ve decided to use my server to give you something back: FREEĀ  HOSTING! Resurces: HDD – 200 MB Trafic – 4 GB Email – 1 (50 MB) FTP – 1 MySQL – 1 database Domain (your domain) – 1 (+ 1 pointer domain) Subdomains – 5 PHP, Rubi, CGI enabled. I can setup […]

Installing Windows without formating the partition

Warning for the americans: The procedures described below will delete all your installed programs from Program Files and it is very likely that the programs installed anywhere else will not work. Goal: Install a clean Windows – for whatever reason (viruses, crashes, slow response) without formating the partition List of steps: Remove old Windows, programs […]