Mikrotik filter multiple addreses

In order to filter out traffic coming from and/or going to multiple IP addresses you need to create an address list containing all IP’s you want to filter:


Next step is to put the list to use:

1. Add a filter rule in your firewall:


2. On advanced select the Src. Address List


3. In the Action tab select the Action: drop


Note: You can also put action “reject” and it will send back that the host is not reachable and cut the connection (faster) – I usually use this for internal network filters.

Add another filter the same as the previous one but on point 2. put the list on Dst. Address List.

That’s all. and if you want to put more IP’s in the list just add them, no need to modify the filter rules. Also you can disable single IP’s.

Advice: Comment the IP that you add.

Free VPN

Here is a free VPN setup that can access spotify.

Type: PPTP
Address: m123.go.ro
User: free
Password: 1234


  • No SMTP
  • Speed limited to 5 mb/s download and 1 mb/s upload
  • Connection info logged. Any illegal activity will be reported to the authorities, on request
  • Idle timeout 30 minutes

No connection timer. No password change.

Payed option:
1 Year VPN Unlimited

Kloxo on Centos

Kloxo is a server control panel, easy on resources and easy to use.

You can install Kloxo on Centos 5.x and RHEL 5.
The host must have 256 mb of ram and more than 2 gb free space.

Installation is quite simple.
1. Install OS (Centos or RHEL)
2. Disable SElinux and reboot (for the settings to take effect)
3. Get and run the setup script. This step could take a while.

Detailed description here

Mikrotik Dialup server

To create a dialup server on Mikrotik you need to follow this simple steps:

1. Disable console

2. Create PPP Server


Default profile should work. You can leave Pap and Chap encryption ticked, but they are less secure.

3. Setup modem init string (first page from the PPP Server)

I found mine to be ATM0&C1S0=2
What it means:

  • AT – modem, pay attention
  • M0 (M zero) – speaker off
  • &C1 – Listen to the phone line
  • S0=2 (S zero) – wait for 2 rings – you can change this to how many rings you want.

This should work. 🙂